11th english comedy night
presented by Humorlabor

The mixed programme at the English Comedy Night - presented by Humorlabor - features a varied selection of first-rate English-speaking comedians performing comedy in the native language of true stand-up – demonstrating that when it comes to humour, everyone speaks the same language. But no worries, the comedians are all experienced performers on both German and English stages, so laughs are guaranteed for all.

Shane Callaghan
Shane started doing comedy in Bratislava but then moved to Vienna and has taken his unique and friendly brand of comedy all over Europe and has had seven solo shows. He has opened for some big names featured on the BBC and also been on national radio. He is also preparing his U.S tour for the second part of 2024 but currently focusing on Europe and is looking forward to making you laugh and teaching you a thing or two about his native homeland.

Jon Parnell
Jon Parnell has been a mainstay of the Salzburg comedy scene since he moved here four years ago from Canada. In 2022, he debuted his first full-length comedy special, and now organises monthly shows in Salzburg to show off upcoming talent. Coming from a background in theatre, his performances are theatrical, expressing many jokes with his body and facial expressions. On any given night, you'll hear jokes about chess, trains, strippers, and learning German.

Gerhard WALTER
I wouldn’t have thought that snooker and sumo wrestling had anything in common except breathing and the “s” at the beginning. I was also surprised to learn that not only synchronized swimming is a sport, but solo synchronized swimming is as well. Sport is about joy, fair play and winning. Is winning in sports the same as winning in life? I don't know. Probably not. What I know for sure is: For a successful life, it is important that the incidence of being flattened by a steam roller occurs with relative infrequency. This spares the vocal cords and elevates one’s overall recall value in the public space. It’s not often that everything is good, but a lot of it is not that bad either. Some of it is even pretty amazing.
Gerhard Walter has a diploma in philosophy and acting. He has spent a lot of time in the USA and England. He has worked with many nice colleagues in the industry. Gerhard lives in Vienna and tours Austria with his current show “I wasn’t prepared for myself”. His next show will be in English. Working title: “Maximum Break – 147”.

Host: Isha Sen
Isha Sen had her humble beginnings back in 2023, she decided to try out stand up comedy after drinking two glasses of wine. Coming from India, her brand of comedy involves talking about being an Indian in Austria, diving a bit into uncomfortable political jokes and proudly taking the responsibility for adding diversity to the group here.

Foto © Julia Fink
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März 2024

11th english comedy night
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